Don’t Wait Until You Are A Certain Shape or Size Before You Start Living

Life is meant to be lived.  We are not meant to just exist until we are the perfect shape or size society would like us to be.  We are good enough just the way we are.  We deserve to be able to go to the beach, out to a family gathering, attend a high school reunion, etc, without feeling like we need to lose an insane amount of weight before we go.  We deserve the best life has to offer just like all the skinny people of the world do.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t have goals and we shouldn’t make health a priority.  Actually, quite the opposite.  I believe realistic, attainable goals are very important and help to boost our self-esteem and confidence because when set right, we will accomplish them and they will become part of who we are.  I also believe leading a healthy, balanced life is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves.  However, being healthy and balanced does not necessarily mean being a certain shape or size the magazines would tell you to be.  It means providing your body with proper movement that you enjoy, eating nourishing foods that fuel your energy levels and balance your moods, getting enough sleep so you can move and have energy on a daily basis, and having FUN to reduce your stress levels and live life.

I believe that once we stop dieting and wasting so much time worrying about every morsel of food we do eat (or we don’t eat) and replace that with doing things we enjoy doing, our health will increase.  We will start living and see the benefits all the way around!

Don’t wait to be a certain size or shape before you start living.  Life is happening right now.  You are worth it so go get it and have fun doing it!  Your body, mind and spirit will get all the benefits. To Your Health and Happiness!